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The first Dlia Dusha & Dushi store was opened in Moscow in 1999 by Nicolas Megrelis, a Frenchman who had lived in Russia for already 10 years. Today the retail chain counts more than 190 stores across Russia, 50 of which are in Moscow and 20 in Saint-Petersburg. They are all located near pedestrian areas, metro stations, or in malls.

The concept of Dlia Dusha & Dushi can be summed up in one phrase: "Beauty and well-being of the body and soul"

"Dlia Dusha & Dushi" carries a wide range of exclusive products from all around the world of a high quality but with affordable prices. We sell all types of natural cosmetics products and accessories for the sauna, bath and shower, body care, face care and hair care.

Get out of the metro, turn the corner of the street: that is all you need to relax in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It is so easy to bring lightness, health and beauty to your body. Who wants to miss such a pleasure?